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Certificate Introduction




The CERA Enterprise Risk Management credential is the most comprehensive and rigorous globally-recognised Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) designation.


In November 2009, 14 actuarial education organisations from around the world took the unprecedented step of agreeing to collaborate to develop and administer a new qualification in ERM, the Chartered Enterprise Risk Actuary* (CERA) – a ground breaking achievement, and the birth of the Global CERA Treaty.


The CERA Global Association (CGA) grants actuarial organisations the right to award the global CERA qualification to individual actuaries who have satisfied the requisite education and training requirements set out in the CERA Global Treaty. 


*All signatories to the Treaty use the acronym 'CERA', but CERA variously translates as one of the following, according to local requirements:


  ■ Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst

  ■ Chartered Enterprise Risk Actuary

  ■ Certified Enterprise Risk Analyst

  ■ Certified Enterprise Risk Actuary


As of May, 2021, 29 members(including Acceding Parties and Award Signatory), 20 associations/ institutes approved by the CGA as a granter for the CERA qualification, and more than 5,000 persons hold the CERA certificate. CERA Member Actuarial Associations


The Actuarial Institute of Chinese Taipei has become Award Signatory for CERA certificate since May 2014.




Milestones of AICT becoming an Award Signatory


Stage 1 – AICT has officially become the CERA Treaty member since signed the MOU with the CGA on May 24, 2012. 


Stage 2 – AICT signed the MOU with the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) on May 24, 2013.  Since then, passing the IFoA ST9 exam becomes one of the requirements for AICT's CERA credential.


Stage 3 – AICT was designated as Award Signatory by the CERA Review Panel Board on May 22, 2014.  Henceforward, AICT officially becomes a grantable actuarial institute for the CERA certificate.




Why choose CERA?


The CERA qualification provides risk professionals with strong ERM knowledge that drives better business decisions.  Professional, ethical and trusted, with impeccable standards and integrity, a professional with the CERA qualification is able to effectively communicate ideas with leadership and is qualified to play varying roles within an organisation, from risk manager to Chief Risk Officer and more.