2019 AICT/CAS Joint Property/Casualty and Health Actuarial Seminar



Snow Mountain, Main & East Peak

by Andrew Yu




This grand annual event is the joint international seminar organized by the Actuarial Institute of Chinese Taipei, AICT and Casualty Actuarial Society, CAS.


The content is quite rich, including a one-day Seminar, Sep.5 and one-day ORSA Workshop, Sep. 6.


The Seminar is arranged to meet the needs of the industry, considering the current situation of major important issues, such as health insurance, predictive modeling, financial technology, and IFRS 17.


The "ORSA Workshop" will provide attendees mutual discussion and interaction opportunities. The topics include  development of ORSA in other regions, the implementation of ORSA and feedback from regulators, the role of the actuary in ORSA, how to respond to the emerging risk, as well as the economic capital model and risk management culture.



























 Welcome remark



 Latest developments on   IFRS17 (English)

 •Zurich HK's experience and solution

 •The past, present, and future of IFRS 17 for

   P&C insurers.

 •Financial Impact Assessment

 •Reinsurance issues in Taiwan

 Jeffery Hanschmann

 Evariste Yeung


 Will Li

 Alvin Wei


 IFRS17 Panel discussion (English)


 Cathy Hwang



 Jeffrey Hanschmann

 Justine Poon

 Alvin Wei

 Feng Ge




 IFRS17 Solution options (Mandarin)

 Justine Poon

 Alvin Wei

 Will Li / Monica Tsai




 Health insurance: managing portfolio profitability (Mandarin)

 Cathy Hwang


 InsurTech: Trend and Development of Motor Telematics (English)

 Raymond Cheung




 InsurTech: Autonomous driving vs UBI  (Mandarin)

 Evariste Yeung


 InsurTech & Predictive modeling (Mandarin)

 Pong Yong


 Closing remark




 ORSA Workshop







 Welcome remark



 Overview of regulatory landscape of ORSA in Asia (English)

 Raymond Cheung,

 Christie Lee &

 James Chan




 ERM Fundamentals and ORSA Key Building Blocks
 Global Drivers and Evolvement of ORSA (English)




 ORSA implementation in Asia
 Feedback from regulators in Singapore (English)




 Risk Culture Workshop (English)




 Key challenges and Value Outcome of ORSA with practical examples   (English)
 Using ORSA as Decision Making (English)


 Closing remark




Please refer to Agenda | 9/5 Seminar | 9/6 Workshop | Speaker profile for more information.






FULL PAYMENT must be paid online by credit card and received in order to confirm your registration.

Group registration is not be available for foreign participants. For academic participants, please contact 

AICT Secretariat to proceed the registration.

Participants' registration fee for each session/workshop includes admission to that session/workshop, coffee break, registration material;  registration fee for session A+B+C additionally includes lunch. Travel and accommodation costs are excluded.

By registering, participants agree that their name, company, city and country appear on the participant list. Participants can request to have their name removed from the list at any time by emailing to

AICT Secretariat.

  • Cancellation and Refund policy 

    If, for any reason, the Joint Seminar, or any part thereof, is prevented from being held, or the venue becomes unavailable, the Organiser may cancel or postpone the Joint Seminar. In such event, the Organiser shall not be responsible for delays, damage, loss, increased costs, or other unfavourable conditions arising by virtue thereof, and participants waive all or any claims for loss, expense or damage against the Organiser arising there from.

    Cancellation before before the registration deadline (including) will be subject to an administration fee of 20% of registration fee per participant and refunds will only be made after the completion of the Joint Seminar. In the event of late cancellation after the registration deadline or no-show, request of refund will not be entertained.

  • Registration fee and linkage

Category Registration Fee 

Sept 5


Sept 6


2 days (S+W)


AICT/ CAS Member NT$ 5,000 NT$ 5,000 NT$ 10,000
Non member NT$ 6,000 NT$ 6,000 NT$ 12,000
Academic* NT$ 2,500 NT$ 2,500 NT$ 5,000
*For full-time teachers and students only, please contact the AICT Secretariat for registration and payment.



  • Evergreen Maritime Museum

    The Evergreen Maritime Museum consists of multiple exhibitions spanning five floors including scale models, dioramas, maps and globes, various navigational equipment, anchors, graphic timelines and vessel backgrounds, and interactive games for kids. There is also a special section dedicated to the Titanic as well as some poignant artifacts from Titanic passengers. 


    Floors 2-5 include comprehensive showcases of scale model ships both ancient and modern along with other memorabilia. Though not apparent from the museum's official website, the permanent collection on display on these floors is vast and of high quality. 



The exhibitions are divided by the following categories:

  - Maritime Taiwan

  - Marine Paintings

  - Modern Ships

  - History of Ships

◆ Seminar attendees can visit for free ◆

For more informaion, please visit

Evergreen Maritime Museum .



Humble House Taipei 

Le Méridien Taipei

Shangri-La's Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei 

The Howard Plaza Hotel Taipei

Regent Taipei

Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel






Sponsorship Opportunities

We want to help you achieve your business objectives and service your customer groups. If you would like to suggest other ways in which your company would like to be involved with the Joint Seminar, please do not hesitate to contact the Actuarial Institute of the Chinese Taipei. The packages can be tailored to your specific marketing needs as well as new ideas incorporated into the available options. 

The Joint Seminar is a unique marketing opportunity and we are confident your involvement as a Sponsor will provide your company with exceptional business rewards.





Sponsorship Package: 



Please complete and return to AICT Secretariat the Sponsorship booking form for the required information along with your organisation's choice of sponsorship and for the further details on the sponsorship opportunities or queries.




 ▍About Taiwan / Taipei



About Taiwan

Taiwan is shaped like a sweet potato that is narrow at both ends. It lies off the southeastern coast of mainland Asia, across the Taiwan Strait from China-- an island on the western edge of the Pacific Ocean.  To the north is Japan; to the south, the Philippines. Many airlines fly to Taiwan, making it the perfect travel destination and transfer station. Though a small island, Taiwan possesses rich natural resources and extraordinary cultural diversity. The different ethnic groups allow this island to coalesce into a colorful place that reflects harmony and common prosperity.


About Taipei

Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan, and also serves as Taiwan's major center for politics, commerce, mass media, education, and pop culture. Taipei is a modern metropolis, with its sleek glass and steel architecture, advanced transportation system, and vast, lively scene of shopping malls, arts venues, hotels, restaurants and night spots. 


Taipei Attractions

There are lots of scenic spots in Taipei. Most popular tourist attractions are accessible by convenient transportation, which makes touring Taipei a very enjoyable experience. For more information, please visit the Tourism Bureau or TAIPEI TRAVEL.NET.                











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