【IAA】Update-International Actuaries Day 2023: The Actuarial Planet - Extending our Wings


Let's start the countdown to the International Actuaries Day 2023 !


Join us on September 1st* to celebrate International Actuaries Day 2023 (#IAD2023):


The Actuarial Planet - Extending our Wings Micheline Dionne, IAA President will host this webinar where we’ll hear from three actuaries who have extended their own wings.

During their talks, they will encourage us to be bold about opportunities open to actuaries. We hope to inspire actuaries to look beyond traditional actuarial practice and demonstrate how your actuarial skillset opens a world of possibilities. 


Topics covered by our guest speakers: \

•    Kudzai Chigiji (Zimbabwe): Banking

•    Roosevelt Mosley (USA): AI

•    Cissy Zhang (UK): Social data

You MUST register in ADVANCE of the webinar


We also encourage you watch our first video compilation “An Actuary Is…” 


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* Due to September 2nd being on a Saturday this year, we will host our International Actuaries Day webinar on September 1st.